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Thursday, 18 November 2010

SDCC Eleventh Doctor & Dalek Scientist!

This is the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive figure. It features the Doctor without a jacket and the Dalek scientist. First i am going to review the articulation of the Doctor.

  • The Doctor arms move 360 degrees. The bends can hold a sonic screwdriver.
  • The legs can bend can move up and down. And it stands up ferfectly. 
  • The head can move all the way around. 
Now i am going to write about the detail of the figure. 

  • The detail of this figure is perfect. The head looks the same and it very good. The torso of this looks amazing, the braces looks great and his red bow tie are a good aditon to the figure. 


Now I'm going to review the Dalek scientist. There is not that much to say about the articulation because i reviewed the Dalek drone so it's the same except this one isn't squeaky at all (It's proberly just the figure I bought). This is one of my favorite color, apart from the Dalek Eternal.
Now it's time for the detail.

  • It is a great color of  orange and looks the same as it's TV appearance, (Victory of the Daleks). 
  • The Gun arm is great and so is the sucker arm.
  • The Bombs are great, they look the same on all of them really but I do like them.
Thats all I am going review about this figure. Please tell me if what you think if it broke. 
I am going to rate this figure out of 20 because it a 2 figure set.

You could buy this from Forbidden Planet. But I'm not sure if they sell this anymore. £25.99

Doctor Who Dalek Drone Review

This is the first dalek to be released of the new dalek paradigm. This figure looks amazing! It is red with silvers ball bombs at the bottom. Lets start with the articulation of this figure.

  • The Dome part of the figure moves 160 degrees and it is perfect. The eye stalk is a bit stiff at first but once it is warn in it moves better, it moves up and down.
  • The part where the gun and the sucker arm is is amazing detailed. The sucker arm is very nice and it doesn't just move up and down, it moves all the way around without having to force it. On all the dalek figures i have it squeaks a bit but that goes away when it is worn in. The exterminator gun is brilliant and moves like the sucker arm. So there is nothing really to say about that part, but it bigger than it's predecessor and it a big, big improvement to the daleks. 
That it really about the articulation. Let move on to the detail.
  • The Detail is amazing and looks the same as it's TV appearance. The back of the dalek it has this panel and apparently (so I've hered, it might not be true) there is a extra weppon and that activates it.  The gun and sucker arm is impressive.
  • Now i'm going to focus on the bottom part and it is very detailed. The Bombs on it are perfect and coloured the same. I love the bottom base of it. It's big like it was in the Dalek Invasion of Earth. 
I am going to rate this figure 
REASONS: I gave this that score because it is a great figure and i can't find anything major bad about this figure. It's not bad but it's can just be a bit squeaky at times. 

You can get this figure from Forbidden Planet, or Character.